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Lierac CICA-FILLER Anti-Wrinkle Repairing Serum

LIERAC CICA-FILLER Anti-Wrinkle Repairing Serum

An anti-wrinkle repairing serum, which can give similar results to botox.  Designed to repair, fill and correct the skin, this potent serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles, it relaxes the facial features and reveals a fresher more youthful...
Lierac CICA FILLER Repairing Anti-Wrinkle Cream (Normal to Dry Skin)

LIERAC CICA-FILLER Repairing Anti-Wrinkle Cream (Normal to Dry Skin)

A repairing anti-wrinkle cream designed for normal to dry skin.  Infused with bakuchiol, AIH, hyalu-3 and pro-lipids it reconstructs the skin so fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. It also helps to firm, plump and smooth the complexion so the...